IONA Opens Headquarters Office in Warren, MI
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PRESS RELEASE: May 26, 2007

 IONA opens Headquarter Office in Warren, MI

With the help of Allah (SWT), the Islamic Organization of North America (IONA) opened its headquarter office in Warren, MI.  In addition to serving as the administrative center for IONA, the facility will serve as a full-time masjid and learning center for the local Muslim community.  Establishing a vibrant center for IONA has been one of the top priorities of Ameer Mustapha Elturk since assuming leadership of IONA in 2003. This achievement marks an important milestone in furthering the objectives of the Islamic Organization in North America.headquartersheadquarters

Additionally, the center will play an important role in educating non-Muslim neighbors about Islam, helping to foster greater awareness and appreciation for Islamic values.  The critical need to educate the local community about Islam was made evident by the extraordinary difficulties IONA encountered from some members of the local Planning Commission and a few prejudiced residents

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