“Enough is enough,” says Muslim leader about Trump’s remarks (December 8, 2015)

Imam Mustapha ElturkImam Mustapha ElturkBy Aftab Borka, The Oakland Press

POSTED: 12/08/15, 10:53 AM EST

The latest controversial remarks by the front-running GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump calling for a “total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States” has sparked a wave of reactions from local leaders and readers.

“The Muslim community has had enough of his rhetoric,” said Imam Mustapha El-Turk, Director of the Islamic Organization of North America.

El-Turk, a Troy resident, said Trump is trying to score points in a political environment that is “very Islamophobic.”

“We are just like other human beings in this country enjoying its freedoms and diversity,” said El-Turk.

He said Trump is speaking to “individuals who want to hear this” and is not helping in the current political climate, as opposed to what he described as “logical” and “educated” remarks by President Obama recently on the issue.

Mahir Osman, a spokesman for the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community of Metro Detroit, called Trump’s comments “ridiculous.”

“It is ridiculous to think that an entire religious group could be banned from the land of the free,” said Osman. “We are troubled by comments made by certain personalities, and encourage prayer and community service from our members in this tense time.”

Osman, on behalf of his community, also addressed the Rochester Hills City Council recently to “reassure” the city that his community believes in an
obligation to humanity.

“It is incumbent upon us to be peaceful and law-abiding citizens,” said Osman, referring to the teachings of his religion.


The Royal Oak-based Michigan Muslim Community Council says it is going to have an emergency meeting convened in the coming days to put their heads
together and come decide how to handle this situation for “everyone.”

MMCC Chairman Muzammil Ahmed said the time to ignore Trump’s rhetoric is over.

Ahmed said Trump’s statement is not just an attack on Muslims but on anyone who is not mainstream and wants to practice religion.

Ahmed said the council also will have leaders from other religions in the emergency meeting to discuss their strategy. The last time the council had such a
meeting was a few months back when armed groups planned protests in front of mosques across the country.


Trump’s bold statements have also got political pundits thinking about the future of his campaign.

Oakland University Associate Professor and Political Science Department Chair Dave Dulio predicts that Trump will eventually falter down in favor of a more
traditional candidate because Republican voters will consider his electability.

“At some point, Republican primary voters are going to ask themselves ‘Who can beat Hillary?’”said Dulio “And my guess is it won’t be Donald Trump.”

Here are some reactions from The Oakland Press Facebook page:

●  Carrie Fountaine Hernandez: “What’s next? Round up all the Muslims in America and put them into camps like we did with the Japanese? Trump seems tobe following the Hitler playbook and it’s extremely sad to see so many are agreeing with him.”

●  Joshua Jordan: “What an idiot, does he think there is a worldwide Muslim registry or something? All a radical Muslim would have to say is I’m not Muslim, it’s not a freaking ethnicity genius, it’s a radical belief.”

Timothy Cullen: “Let’s hear the Muslim leaders speak out against any Jihad and take back their religion. I don’t see Buddhists killing innocents. I don’t see Hindu terrorists attacking innocents around the world. I don’t see Taoists terrorists across the world killing innocents and their religious leaders praising them. No, we only see this reign of terrorism come from the Muslim religion.”

●  Joe Moore: “Then come out against the militants and stand with us. You all cower behind “Islam is a peaceful religion” and do nothing to stop the mad men.”

●  Amy DeLoye: “When it comes to Donald Trump, I don’t think anything at all.”


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