Question 4.  The Muslim Ummah is already fragmented into many groups, parties, and sects.  By establishing yet another entity, isn’t IONA contributing to the process of internal division?

The history of Muslims, as well as of other religious communities, shows that groups, associations, and organizations formed for a desirable and noble purpose often disintegrate into hostile sects.  This tends to happen when the members of a particular group forget the goal for which they organized themselves in the first place, and instead become dedicated to promoting their own narrow interests.  Safeguarding one’s leadership position or political influence frequently becomes an end in itself, while the original goal is reduced to a meaningless slogan.

IONA is aware of this danger, but it is also cognizant of the fact that one cannot avoid the forming of groups, associations, and organizations just because such a danger exists. 

While making the best possible effort to prevent such an unfortunate situation, the members of IONA seek the help and support of Allah (SWT) to keep them on the straight path.  For this reason, the
members of IONA frequently remind each other that they belong to an organization that is not an end in itself, but only a means to a higher end.

We consider ourselves primarily as members of the Muslim ummah.  This is our first and foremost identity, after our most basic identity as divinely created human beings.  We try not to let our sense of belonging to IONA take precedence over our sense of being Muslims.

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