Question 7.  Besides IONA, there is a wide variety of Islamic organizations, groups, and parties in North America.  What is your view of these Islamic groups?

Muslims in North America are known for their diversity.  Over the years they have organized themselves in numerous groups and parties, each with its distinctive set of goals and methodologies.  If one agrees with the program offered by one or more of these organizations, one should not hesitate to join them.  In IONA’s view, the work of all legitimate Muslim organizations in North America is valuable and necessary, and they should be given the credit and support they deserve.  The diversity of activist groups is a sign of the vitality of the Muslim community in North America; it should not be taken as the indication of its internal strife.  The separate existence of IONA, on the other hand, stems from the fact that it is unique in several ways.

The reason IONA must continue to exist independently, rather than merge with another organization, is that it is distinctive in terms of its diagnosis of the ailment of the Muslim ummah as well as in the terms of its proposed treatment.  It is also unique for having followed the traditional Islamic way of establishing organization and discipline, rather than choosing the modern Western pattern.  While the work of ICNA, ISNA, MAS, CAIR, and other organizations is not without merit, the specific goals and methodology of IONA are significantly different from theirs.  A separate discussion on these differences can easily be found by exploring other parts of this website or by studying IONA's literature.

Without giving up its own claim to uniqueness and particularity, IONA considers itself as working in harmony with other Islamic organizations, complementing their efforts to serve Islam, and not as working against them in any sense.  In fact, IONA does not look at the work of other Islamic organizations as any less valuable than its own, only different in some ways.

“…And cooperate (with each other) in righteousness and piety,
And do not cooperate in sin and enmity.
Have fear of God; He is severe in His retribution.”
[al-Ma’idah; 5:2]

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